Our story

HOME APARTMENTS specializes in real estate management services for owners who want to rent their properties for short-term rental purposes and therefore do not have enough time, experience or resources. The job is very demanding and not at all easy because many factors affect whether your apartment will be profitable at the end of the month or not.

Everything must be at the highest level:

  • Registration of guests
  • Current communication with guests
  • Available to guests 0-24 hours
  • Dynamic price management
  • Hygiene of the apartment and bedding


Daily rental in Croatia came to life in 2012, we as a family entered the business in 2017 and “survived” the most difficult moments in the business itself because of the pandemic (COVID-19), the earthquake, and the war in Ukraine. Doing business in difficult times is our main reference for the future.

Company values ​​are family, home and safety, our main goal is to create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere for our guests, similar to the feeling of being at home.

HOME Apartments focuses on providing convenient and comfortable accommodation options for travelers, while also helping property owners effectively manage their short-term rental properties.

Home apartments

What are the advantages of letting us manage your apartment?

Home apartments

Regular income

Our experience is our advantage – knowledge of our market, dynamic price management brings you a higher total income at the end of the month.

With us, you can expect a regular source of income from renting out your apartment to tourists or business people.


Home apartments

Easier rental process

We will take care of all aspects of renting:

Administrative and logistical details related to the rental

Legal documentation and solutions that need to be obtained to start work

Marketing, reservations, payments

Guest management – Guest check-in/check-out, communication with guests

Solving any problems that may arise during the guests’ stay in the apartment

Home apartments

Professional property management

We have experience and a team of people for property management and maintenance.

We provide professional cleaning, maintenance and repair services for your apartment.

This will save you time and effort that would otherwise be required to take care of all these tasks.

Home apartments

Better occupancy

We have been doing this job successfully for many years, and we know our market very well, and based on this experience, we set our base overnight rates.

Dynamic price management on a daily basis enables maximum occupancy of the calendar, but also at the highest market prices.

We have a large base of returning guests and we accommodate them according to the current availability of all our units, which is an added plus in filling the apartments in our portfolio.

Home apartments

Monitoring and managing reviews

The quality of our service enables the highest guest ratings, which give other potential guests a sense of security, reliability and quality, which significantly affects the occupancy of your apartment throughout the year.

We also do consulting on how to get into the short-term rental business:

  • Which property to buy? (unit size, layout, location)
  • Which property is profitable to buy? Why?
  • How to arrange it? (design from scratch or do a partial re-design)
  • How to advertise a property and place an ad?
  • How to get all necessary work permits and what documentation to collect?
  • Guest check-in/check-out procedure
  • Communication with guests
  • Details that make a difference when a guest stays in your apartment